Fertilizer Industry In Philippines

  • Total fertilizer consumption in the Philippines around 2.5 million MT
  • Of this 700 KT of NPK of which 68% produced domestically based on imported raw materials. Of the 700 KT 50/50 NPK compound and BB. About 72% of NPK consumed is NPK 14-14-14.
  • All fertilizer bar a limited amount imported now that Philphos is trying to recover from the typhoon a few years ago. Philphos used to have a capacity of around 1 million MT – now they only produce around 120 KT per annum
  • Major importers are Yara, Swire/Agrotech, Universal Harvester, Atlas (operating their own NPK plant producing around 300 KT annually), La Filipina
  • All these companies have their own brand name and they operate nationally through an extensive warehouse system
  • One concern with the Philippine market is the dreadful discharge rates at the various ports with guarantees normally for 1,200 MT per day. However, there are a couple of exceptions where one company has invested heavily into discharge systems providing for rates around the 5,000 MT mark. List Item
  • Another concern is the most recent Philippine government liberalization of rice and sugar - some farmers have responded by selling their farms since they are not able to compete with imported rice from Vietnam and sugar from Thailand. Consequently, there are rumors in the industry indicating that fertliizer consumption in the Philippines could be reduced by 30%.