Who We Are

fertiMetrics is a newly established commodities advisory, consultancy and brokerage company founded and headed by Stein C Haugan with focus on fertilizers and soft commodities like soybeans, soybean meals, wheat and cotton in the trading area of the SE Asia Pacific region.


Using industry knowledge and global experience accumulated over close to 40 years in the fertilizer and agriculture space spanning five continents and living and working in 11 countries, we are in a unique position to provide an entire value chain from raw materials to end user with market guidance. In addition, being it vessel or container freight or logistics in general, we can provide guidance on movements in the ever changing market place which may have influence on current and future prices. Consequently, we believe that fertiMetrics can assist companies in generating improved financial results.

What We Do


The proprietor Stein C Haugan, with more than 35 years of experience in the global fertilizer industry having lived and worked for some of the largest fertilizer producers, distributors and traders in 11 different countries over five continents, is well suited and equipped to provide supply and demand analysis and price projections.


  • fertiMetrics has over the past two years been actively involved in several advisory and consultancy engagements with large global fertilizer companies looking to re-align their businesses in sales and marketing, procurement and trading.
  • fertiMetrics has entered into advisory and consultancy agreements with major importers and distributors looking to improve their front end businesses.
  • fertiMetrics has assisted companies on M&A activities

Code of Conduct.

Although fertiMetrics is a small company we have established a Code of Conduct which governs the actions of the company and Ethics which govern decision making.

At fertiMetrics we respect human rights and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, social status, family origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.

At fertiMetrics we will comply with all laws, regulations and sanctions as they apply wherever the company is operating.

At fertiMetrics we will act with fairness in all our business dealings with all our stakeholders and never get involved in bribes, insider trading, lies or deceit or any other activity which will compromise our ethical behavior.

At fertiMetrics we will always act in the best interest of our clients and maintain full confidentiality in regards to company, customer or third-party information.


To become a reliable and first choice information service provider, connector and network builder between sellers and buyers.


To provide accurate and timely information and to negotiate on behalf of its stakeholders value added solutions thus extracting maximum returns.