Fertilizer Industry In Indonesia

  • Total fertilizer consumption in Indonesia around 12 million MT
  • Major urea producers are Kaltim, Pusri, Kujang, PIM = 7 million MT annually
  • NPK combined capacity is 5.5 million MT (84% NPK compound and 16% BB) of which Gresik 2.8 million MT; Sentana 1.2 million MT; Agrifert 350 KT; Kaltim 350 KT, Kujang 300 KT
  • Subsidized NPK demand is 3 million MT – non subsidized demand 1.5 million MT
  • Domestic Urea consumption for agriculture in the subsidized sector around 5 million MT – urea consumption in the private sector around 1.2 million MT and urea consumption for industrial use around 1 million MT
  • Urea export from Indonesia around 1.2 million MT in a normal year.
  • Indonesia is embarking on a balanced fertilization program thereby investing heavily in NPK production. In support of this there are plans to build a major phosphoric acid plant in Lhokseumawe, north Sumatra, to help support the production of NPK