Fertilizer Academy

fertiMetrics is pleased to announce the decision to establish a Fertilizer Academy in Singapore. Work is being conducted to have all 10 modules with sponsors of each model ready by November. Furthermore, the Fertilizer Academy will be made available through Webinars at a later stage.

Modules as follows:

  • Fertilizer Industry Overview - What Is - Size - Global and Regional Supply and Demand
  • Fertilizers Impact On The Environment - Carbon Footprint
  • Fertilizer Industry Dynamics - Value Drivers
  • Fertilizer Purchase & Sales Contracts - Key Elements - Arbitration
  • Fertilizer Derivatives Trading
  • Fertilizer Structured Finance - Letters Of Credit
  • Fertilizer Shipping - Charter Party - Baltic Index - Incoterms
  • Fertilizer Storage And Handling
  • Fertilizer Bid and Offer Quotation Spreadsheets - Economics Of A Deal
  • Negotiating Techniques - Communication - Language - Sociability - Ethics -Corporate Governance - Duty Of Care - Due Diligence